jabajamba the game

the idea takes form

It all started when we were sitting around the kitchen table one day. We have many games and we were playing a common dice game that we have played many times for many years. But then, all of a sudden, we just decided that we wanted to create our own dice game.

It had to be different. We didn't want people to say it was like some other game. But it had to be interesting, lively, and most of all, fun. We wanted it to be easy to learn but fun for the whole family. With dice there is always an element of luck, but we wanted some strategy too.

Since we keep an old can with 46 dice in it (we counted), we thought "why not use lots of dice?" and tried out several ideas. We settled on six dice since each die had six sides and six different sets of spots. Sometimes the simple solution really is the best solution.

the funny name

Then, of course, our brand new game needed a brand new name. Something different. Something memorable. Something fun. We tried out a couple of ideas and settled on one. We thought it was good. Apparently so did a lot of other people, but way before we did!

What we really needed was a brand new name that was also brand new to everyone else! Well that was hard work. We talked a lot. We made lists. We did some research. We texted each other. After several days we got it narrowed down to about 10 or 20 possibilities.

Well that was way too many. So we decided to see what they looked like in the font we had picked out. That helped alot. With a bit more research it narrowed down quickly. We all liked jabajamba. There it was. Our new name. It was unique, fun, and tickles the tongue when you say it. Say it once and you will want to say it again.

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people say this:

"a really fun game."

"my friends really like it too."

"we play a lot because it's fun."

"this is a game we can all play."

"it's great to have fun with the kids."

"it's harder than it looks, but fun!"

"it's a pretty awesome game."

"fun to do when company shows up."

"roll the dice but use your brain too."

"fun, competitive, exhilarating, fast."

"easy to learn, really really cool."

"well I like it just fine."

"jabajamba is a strange name."

"it's fun and easy to learn."

"I like that it's easy to learn."

"I like to play it with my friends."

"it's exciting! I'm pretty good at it."

"the whole family can play together!"

"fun game when friends come over."

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